Vishal Thakkar

Chief Finance Officer

As a cornerstone of our institution's financial health and strategic planning, CFO plays an instrumental role in ensuring fiscal responsibility, sustainability, and growth, ultimately supporting our educational mission.

As CFO of the organisation I believe to be committed to maintaining the financial integrity and stability of Zee School Diamond City. By overseeing budget development, resource allocation, and financial forecasting, I seek ensure optimal utilization of resources, enabling to provide exceptional educational experiences while maintaining affordability and accessibility.

With a keen eye for detail and strategic foresight, it is important to manage the school's budget, identifying opportunities for efficiency, cost-saving initiatives, and investment in academic programs, infrastructure, and student resources. It is prime to ensure a balanced budget that supports our educational goals and enriches the school community.

Upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct, I ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, financial reporting standards, and internal policies. Through transparent financial reporting and governance practices, will foster trust, accountability, and confidence among our stakeholders, including faculty, staff, parents, and the broader school community.

Collaborating closely with school leadership, administrators, and board members, providing financial insights, analysis, and recommendations to inform decision-making serves as a strategic partner, facilitating informed discussions, and aligning financial strategies with our school's mission, vision, and values.

For questions, insights, or collaboration opportunities related to our school's financial management and strategy, me and my finance team are dedicated to supporting our school's mission, fostering academic excellence, and ensuring a bright future for all our for all our students.